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UX and UI analysis form a React Native developer perspective.

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Articles about design, developement, automation and how to ship product for mobile users.


VSCode setup for productive React Native Developer

How to setup your Visual Studio Code to be more productive


How to create components from an `svg` file with `svgr/cli` for React Native

All the steps to dynamically transform SVG files to React Native components. It's useful for icons, logos, and animations because you can change props.


13 React Native keyboard examples on iOS and Android

How to choose the right keyboard to handle text or numbers with React Native.


Launch and open email app with Expo Managed Workflow

Do you want to be able to launch the main email app on a user's device (iOS and Android) from a react-native app built with Expo? here is the solution using `react-native-email-link` on iOS and `expo-intent-launcher` on Android


Become a command-line power user with GitHub and gh

Avoid context switching and manage your GitHub workflow from the terminal.


Become a command-line power user with git and Oh My Zsh

All the git basic commands shorcuts I use to be a productive React developer on macOS.


How to add navigation object on Storybook with React Native

Solving the error "couldn't find a navigation object. Is your component inside a screen in a navigator?" with React Native and Storybook.


Create a timeline feed with expo-activity-feed for your React Native application

Use stream API to create a News Feed Social Media application with real time events in hours instead of months.


The fastest way for adding tailwind to your Gatsby website

How to use Gatsby recipes to install the tailwindcss framework to your codebase from the terminal.


Release standalone iOS build to Apple Store Connect with React Native Expo

Releasing a mobile application to the store can be tricky. Here is how to solve your upload problem with standalone iOS build release.


Machine Learning with Google Vision in Expo React Native

Use the Google Cloud Vision API with React Native to identify the content of an image from your phone camera.


Migrate your Gatsby website to TypeScript —the fast way

You can spend a lot of time accross the documentation, online tutorials and boilerplate. OR you can use an automated tool for the job.


Allows iOS to autofill the TextInput with the incoming SMS on React Native

How to add a nice micro-interaction for your onboarding when you check the phone number.


Get Started as a Freelancer Today

The benefits of being a freelancer are clear - independence, flexibility, better pay, & ultimately more control over your career. We get it - it's a daunting challenge to jump right into it. Taking the leap of faith means changing the way you work, your routines, leaving your old colleagues behind...


Build an automated funnel of new clients with Airtable, Zapier and Mailchimp

All my tips for creating your own CRM and scale your activity. Use Airtable as a database, send automated emails with Mailchimp and organise your meetings with Calendly.


How to open the email application with React Native

This article seams simple. We "just" want to replicate the user onboarding of Slack with a maginc link. In the real world you need to add a third part library.


CSS Grid by examples for React projects

My cheat sheet about CSS grid to create layout in React. I am using theses snippets on my website.


Simple automated release workflow for React Native with Expo

Use GitHub actions to avoid manual deploy during the release of your React Native application. In this example we are using the Over The Air updates with Expo.


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