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I’m a Freelance iOS / Android developer and bootcamp instructor specializing in cross-platform application development.

David Leuliette developer React Native freelanceHere is a picture of me and my girlfriend, on our way to the base camp Everest.

I work remotely (UTC+1), give talks and I help non-IT people to automate their job with technology.

My skillset includes leading design in a team of developers, product strategy and discovery, rapid prototyping & validation, user interface design, front-end and mobile development.
Here are the tools I use.

I have built and shipped products from scratch, designing the UI, writing code and helping developers to grow during bootcamps.

I’ve also lead product teams to ship complex products end-to-end. Take a look at my GitHub profile for examples of my work, products I've built and code I've written.

I take a lean approach to product design, using research and data to help guide design decisions early in the process, continuously validating assumptions & iterating with engineers and product stakeholders.

Design skillset

  • UX/UI Design
  • Developer Experience
  • Building Design System
  • Mobile & Responsive Design

Development Background

  • I am a designer that can code
  • Primarily front-end: HTML, CSS, Sass, CSS-in-JS, Javascript
  • Familiar with backend: Ruby on Rails, Node.js, GraphQL
  • Cross platform apps for iOS and Android

Active side projects

Teaching experiences

Workshops and talks

P.S. Here are a few pages on this site that aren't included in the normal site navigation, but might interest you:
  • Contact Contact me!
  • Uses - links to all the stuff I use
  • Featured - Podcasts/interviews/etc that I've appeared on
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