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Learn React Native

This course contains all the knowledge you need to create an application with React Native.

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This bootcamp include an introduction to libraries like react-native-paper, @tanstack/react-query, TypeScript, ESLint, Storybook, react-native-testing-library and react-navigation.

Most beginners to React Native face the problem that tutorials assume a lot of React knowledge and make things very complicated for beginners.

This results in learners getting frustrated, dragging out the learning process over months or discouraging learners from sticking with the technology.

If you've been daunted trying to learn React Native, and got stuck, then this course is for you.

In these courses, I teach you hands on to implement the most important features for mobile development (iOS and Android) with React Native. Knowing these skills means you can confidently tackle just about any mobile app idea you want to implement.

The course is full of instruction on the fundamentals of React Native development, including foundations, data management, ecosystem, navigation, and releases.

For what purpose do you wish to follow this training?

  • Upgrade your skills in React Native.
  • Learn best practices & state of the art of the technology.
  • Know when to use Expo or React Native.
  • Know how to deploy your application in production to app stores.
  • Know the tools to use to streamline your development.

Expected output

By the end of the course, you'll already have created your first React Native project for both Android and iOS using the Expo toolset. The subsequent modules will dive into more ideas such as:

  • How to use a React Native UI library called react-native-paper.
  • How to use @tanstack/react-query to manage data fetching and caching.
  • How to setup TypeScript to catch bug as you write code.
  • How to build complex screens.
  • How to implement screen navigation with react-navigation.
  • How to use Storybook to create a UI library.
  • How to do unit testing with @testing-library/react-native.
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Meet the Course Instructor

This course is taught by David Leuliette and 100+ Developers who gave constants feedback during workshops.

David is a freelance developer focused on React, React Native, and automation. He comes from a design background and is a big fan of productivity and automation hacks that sparks joy.

In the React Native Bootcamp, he presents a practical approach that teaches you React Native from the basics and has you creating a real world app right away. The lessons you learn enable you to confidently tackle React Native projects for work or for yourself. What's in the course? A lot.

By buying now, you'll get:

  • Instant access to the course (5 modules in 19 lessons)
  • Instant access to the code for the hands on projects

This course is the fastest way to learn React Native with little hacks from a Senior Developer with 15+ years of experience.

With these courses, you can dive straight into creating React Native apps without being an expert at React already. If you want a beginner-friendly guide to real-world React Native development, then this is the course for you.

We walk through everything you need to know to develop a React Native app, beginning from the absolute basics, and guiding you through each step.

You won't have to spend hours digging into disparate blogs and tutorials that often leave beginners confused. You also won't have to navigate the vast React Native ecosystem alone, which can lead to wasted time as beginners are unsure what to learn or skip.

The courses eliminate the guesswork and cut straight to the chase, allowing you to develop the React Native mobile apps you've always wanted to create.

So check out the course now and I'm excited to see what you will create.

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Joining the bootcamp you will have a life time access to our community. If you have questions, I will happy on helping you unlock the problems you are facing.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I’m new to React Native. Will this course get me creating React Native apps quickly?

This course provides you the fast track to developing your own React Native apps quickly, without spending too long on theory. Even better, it’s well-suited for people new to React Native, and who might not have extensive background in React. It’s a great resource for breaking into React Native development.

Isn’t React Native complicated? There are so many tools! How can I master the React Native ecosystem?

This course excels at keeping things simple and straightforward, so you can focus on developing your first end to end React Native app. The course teaches you the most important libraries quickly and within the first module you’ll already have created a React Native app with some of the libraries you’ll use professionally.

What happens after I buy the course?

You'll get access to the bootcamp section of the site to follow the exercises and your progression. You'll also receive an email detailing instructions on how to access the content —updates will be included regularly.

Understanding all of the hooks is quite challenging. Especially the non-basic Hooks and when to use them.

I created and maintain a Cheat Sheet for React Native Hooks. You will have access to it on the site.