In freelancing, your first job is finding new clients

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Last month, I was invited by codecontrol as a freelancing expert, and I want to share it today with those of you who haven’t watched it. This talk isn’t about JavaScript or CSS. It's about how to kickstart your journey as a freelancer.

Freelancing Expert Panel

Watch: How to Get Started as a Freelancer Today 

The topics of the discussion were about:

  • Practical advice on getting started
  • How to stand out from the rest
  • How to build a portfolio of exciting clients
  • Biggest learnings & insights over the years
  • Great communities to join

If we missed something or you need some clarification, feel free to drop me a line. I am always happy to share my knowledge.

I hope you’ll enjoy watching this talk as much as I enjoyed participating. I would like to thank Tristan Lim and the team for organizing this webinar.

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David Leuliette is a freelance developer and trainer specializing in cross-platform application development. He helped dozens of companies to ship their MVP and automate their process.

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