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Hi, I’m David

I’m a french freelance designer and developer.
I help companies to ship quality software for happy customers.

My mission

As a designer, my mission is to transform your users into ambassadors of your product. To achieve this goal, we need to deliver a memorable user experience.

I analyze a lot of mobile applications, to understand what makes a successful design in the modern world where everyone has a phone.

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You only have one chance
to make a first impression

Let’s make it an amazing one.

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David is an incredible person to work with. His skills in development as well as AGILE project management are up to date and sharpen. He his very creative when it comes to find solutions to complex technical and organisational issues.

Maxence Freixa

Maxence Freixa
Senior UX Designer, Usabilis

David was the perfect person to teach me the nuts and bolts of front-end development. Because of him, I made the website not just that I could make, but the one that I wanted. If you want to build your perfect website, he is your guy.

Pieter Gistelinck

Pieter Gistelinck
Co-founder, Ziggu

David is a talented and dedicated developer who is always eager to share his knowledge and take up new challenges. His leadership and creativity skills helped us achieve outstanding results in the context of my web-development project at Le Wagon Brussels.

Alexandre Tombeur

Alexandre Tombeur
General Manager, Le Wagon UK