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Productivity app where the work happens. This app is not installed all time, because I have a distraction free phone. But when I travel to conferences, I need to install it to get in touch with attendees.


This onboarding is simple and effective. I love the small slide-down animations and the fade-in for the call to action button.

Magic link

Passwordless sign-in are super effective on mobile phone.


Slack is a huge messaging app. Their choice to have 2 differents drawers makes sense.

Add a workspace

You can add a new worspace with only 3 taps.

Channel details

The informations are separated with minimalist cards.

Write a new message

The keyboard is always open when you are in a conversation.

Delete a message

Join beta

You can join the beta program form the settings.



When you search, you have informations about your Recent searches.


Dark mode, For The Win!

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