1 February 2020 · 10 details

When I arrived in London from France, I was stuck on the loop of hell. You need an address to have a bank account. You need a bank account to get your pay. You need a job to have an address. And obviously, traditional banks are opened when you are working. Revolut solves this problem and it’s the best mobile app for digital nomads.


3 seconds to login, that’s one of the main reason I love using the Revolut app.

Marketing messages

For announcements of new features, there is simple cards with an infinite scroll to the right. The same design pattern is used on the app store. To read the entire message you can open a new Screen.

Help modal

Same layout as the marketing messages. If you tap on the ℹ️ button, you open a modal with a carrousel.


“Knowledge is power” It’s nice to have a reminder every-week to have some informations about your expenses.

Real time live updates

Every seconds the application fetch the datas from the converter api.

Trust this device


This feature is pure gold. You have analytics on all your transactions per categories, merchants and countries.

Push notifications

These push notifications are usefull. You can see directly how much you spent this day.

Loading state

When the app is loading some datas, the spinner take the entire screen with a nice background opactity.

Offline mode

When you are offline, you can still use the app. There is just a small spinner with a feedback message "Reconnecting".

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