28 September 2020 · 8 details

Everyone had this idea at some point (I got the idea, so I believe I am not the only one). Jow executed it with a high level of quality: You don’t need to go to the grocery store anymore. Instead, you choose plates for your week and your order with the ingredients arrive at home.


I like the nice animation at the bottom when the application is ready to use.


The onboarding is on my top 3 of the smartest ones. You choose your equipment, and they will use this data later to propose recipes you can achieve. Nice job Jow!


The navigation is quite simple with 4 bottom tabs.

Create and order groceries

The main feature of the app. Every time, it feels like magic. You can orders meals for your entire week in 30 seconds.

Help center

I like the Help center feature because it’s for people like my mum. I am a nerd, so I have no problem to trust in technology because I know it works —most of the time— the customer success team used a nice mix of FAQ, email, and intercom to answer every question that my mum could ask.


They have replicated their Instagram stories inside the application. From a growth perspective, you can share your video with your Instagram friends. Genius!

Change dish

A carousel that finally makes sense. I found the background color animation super nice to identify the kind of recipe.

Replace dish

The main carousel is nice, but to avoid horizontal-doom-scrolling they added a nice second carousel with only words for quick access.

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