We are going to learn how to build your idea with React Native, a JavaScript framework to develop application for Android, Windows, iOS, macOS, Web and even TVs!


Start here! This is where you will get oriented, set up your work environment, and get ready to succeed as a React Native developer.

Getting ready for the workshop


The foundational skills you'll need to create your first components with React Native and use a UI library called react-native-paper.

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1. Code from the cloud with Expo Snack

2. Code on your laptop with VSCode

3. Render a list of data

4. Folder structure

React Navigation

The React Navigation library is a navigation system for React Native.

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1. Stack Navigator

2. Passing datas though Screens

3. Auth flow

4. Custom navigation design


The releases will teach you how to publish your app to the App store and Google Play Store.

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1. Over The Air Updates

2. Compile Android/iOS apps

3. Ship a PWA to production


The hackathon is a fun way to learn and share your knowledge.

1. Create a unique application