The Road to React Native

Why this guide?

This content aims to help you learn the things I wish I knew before starting my career as a React Native Developer.

This guide is NOT an explanation of the React Native API's or some hello-world example with code.

This roadmap is a collection of fundamentals to have a global picture of the ecosystem.

Time is the most precious resource people have

If you want to quickly kickstart your project, reduce the time to release the first version of your application, and ship like indie hacker, you are in the right place.

Who is this for?

  • You're interested in developing a mobile app, Progressive Web App, and prototypes for your projects
  • You're a developer, designer, engineer, entrepreneur
  • You want to understand the fundamentals of React Native and mobile development with JavaScript


  • The guide should take you 1 hour to complete – I recommend you to explore all the links listed inside
  • Basic understanding of JavaScript
  • No project ideas required

Content Overview

Chapter 1: Getting Started

  • Why React Native
  • Companies and React Native
  • Why using Expo
  • TypeScript
  • Ecosystem Toolchain

Chapter 2: Using React Native

  • JavaScript syntax
  • JavaScript Language
  • React syntax
  • Data Structures
  • Data Layer
  • General APIs

Chapter 3: Hacking Product Design

  • UI Libraries
  • Back-end Frameworks
  • Testing

Chapter 4: Beyond React Native

  • Build tools
  • Other tools
  • Resources
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can you send me an invoice?

Yes. In the order confirmation email, you'll be able to generate an invoice automatically.

Do you have a refund policy?

Yes. I’m offering a 30 days 100% refund window if you think these content don’t fit your needs. I’m confident you’ll like them though.

Can I share the book with my friends?

No. You can’t share it with others outside of your organization. You can talk about it though. If you really like it and want to spread the word, I'm open to affiliation deals.

Is this really worth the price?

I’ve spent 10,000+ hours coding as an engineer, delivered workshops for more than 100+ developers. Preparing this content was for me a way to share simple tips for the younger version of myself. The price is not expensive compared to the phone you have in your pocket. If this book saves you more than an hour (I'm confident it will), this is a positive return on investment.

Do you include a VSCode setup for React Native developer?

With React you should use VSCode because that's what the core team recommend. I've included a VSCode setup for React Native and it's published on my blog. You can find it here: VSCode setup for React Native developers.

What if I have other questions?

Send me a DM on Twitter, or an email at

Learn the React Native ecosystem with David

Hi 👋, I’m a french front-end engineer working remotely. My mission is to make people’s lives easier through mentoring, minimalist design, and automation.

If you have a question you can reach me on:

Let's create your first React Native app

If you want to dig deeper into React Native, I recommend you to check out my React Native Bootcamp.

I have had the pleasure of meeting David and working side by side with him in one of the most tech focused companies that the Central London fintech scene can offer. His technical abilities mixed with creativity and problem centered mentality has helped me learn new ways of solving issues and present a product in ways that go beyond visual representation.

Stefan Amarie

Stefan Amarie
Senior Software Engineer, Zopa Bank