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Coaching 1to1

A single conversation can change your life

Developer, freelance, or entrepreneur… Are you looking for answers to your work? Do you need some tricks about new clients aquisition, automating low values tasks and building memorable user experience?

During a personalized video coaching session, I will help you find solutions to the main challenges you and your business will face with software development.

These private consultations take place by private video conferenceyou don’t need to install any software.

During these sessions, I am at your disposal to answer all your questions, advise you, and guide you in your choices.

It’s completely open, spontaneous, and non-formal, but you can also have a plan for a more structured interview with a specific topic and a list of questions.

On the other hand, if you want to stay in touch with the latest major news from the react ecosystem and innovation sector, this interview can also be used for an in-depth watch report on all the latest events to remember.

Join tens of innovators that have already worked with me